Lansing, Mich. – The Michigan Farm Bureau today announced their endorsement of Justice David Viviano for Michigan’s Supreme Court. With nearly 200,000 members, the Michigan Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization. As a general farm organization, they represent the diversity of Michigan’s agriculture industry, from crops and livestock to fruits and vegetables, greenhouses, forestry and more. The Michigan Farm Bureau is the umbrella organization for 65 County Farm Bureaus across the state of Michigan.

In addition, Justice Viviano was given the designation “Friends of Agriculture” by the Michigan Agri-Pac, the political arm of the Michigan Farm Bureau.

Sarah Black, Agri-Pac secretary and director of the Michigan Farm Bureau Public Policy and Commodity Division said, “We need leaders who understand, appreciate and respect agriculture’s contribution to Michigan’s economy. It’s one of Michigan Farm Bureau’s top priorities to identify and help elect ‘Friends of Agriculture.'”

Black continued, “Justice David Viviano is endorsed by AgriPac as a ‘Friend of Agriculture’ because he shares the core values of Michigan farmers and can be trusted to strictly interpret the written law and apply it to everyone equally, rather than making law from the bench,” said Black. “This philosophy is of utmost importance to Michigan farmers who expect and demand predictable law and certainty.”

Justice David Viviano said, “The designation as a “Friend of Agriculture” from the Michigan Farm Bureau’s Agri-Pac is an honor and I am humbled to receive their endorsement. People often forget the Supreme Court resolves issues not only between private parties but also between citizens and governmental units. It is our responsibility to ensure all parties are treated fairly and afforded the opportunity to argue the merit of their case without bias. Equal justice under law means that the party with the better argument on how the law applies to a given set of facts must prevail. Michigan farmers can expect and will continue to receive equal treatment, equal justice, and equal application of the law in our Michigan Supreme Court.”

Justice Viviano is seeking a full eight-year term on the Court since being elected in November 2014.